Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Field Notes Book inspired by The Nature of Nature Workshop

Inspired by the words of participants at our The Nature of Nature Workshop, November 2014, we have completed an artist's book addressing regeneration through seed, root and sprout imagery created by camera-less chemical processes. 
Field Notes - three panel artists' book - completed 2015

Click here to view the images and manuscript in the codex iteration.

In developing the series Natural History, our photographic
research led us through botanical taxonomy, intuition,
chemistry, mythology, history, and personal narratives. This
process of aggregating information inspired an examination
of the nature of collecting knowledge. How do the processes
and practices of knowing occur and change over time? What
is lost, and what is reclaimed? How does wisdom evolve? Is
knowledge a collective endeavor or a solitary path?

The Stella Collective exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of
Modern Art, The Nature of a Collective, gave us an opportunity
to explore these questions. In November 2014, we invited
guests to a botanically themed workshop to observe plants,
consider the process of regeneration, and respond in quick,
collaborative writing exercises. With the assistance of writer,
Anja Notanja Seiger, participants elaborated upon the forces
found within the plant world and our connections to
these forces.

We framed the collective wisdom cultivated in these
exercises with photographic images made in response
to the workshop writing. These volumes are an exercise in
regeneration – sowing seeds and watching how they grow –
connecting the many paths of how we come to know.

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